Mission Statement

MIPO, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization founded to promote the quality of life of Haitian youths in the states and abroad through education, music, character building, medical care, apprenticeship training, family support, and scholarships. Our mission is to vigilantly help young men and women transition into adulthood.

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The goals of MIPO are:
  • To provide support that would enable Haitian troubled youth to understand their capabilities and mobilize such elements through self-reliant activities.
  • To provide family support through counseling.
  • To provide financial assistance through the development of a scholarship fund that would help disadvantaged Haitian youth to pursue their education and to develop their artistic talents.
  • To operate a yearly food pantry, clothing drive, educational supplies drive for needy youth.
  • To provide educational leadership conferences for Haitian youth in the states and abroad.

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